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By now you have wisely concluded, as hundreds of others have, that ONLY a comprehensive mortgage transaction examination by the skilled professionals at Mortgage Fraud Examiners can help you obtain your outcome of staying in your home, on your terms.

Our mortgage transaction analysis is collection of facts, analysis, and information on paper, and facts on paper are not and will not provide any sort of mortgage relief. Facts, analysis, and information is what an attorney uses to analyze a mortgage situation to prepare any possible foreclosure relief.

If at any time, you and/or your attorney needs clarification or have questions, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. See our Contact page.

The Process

The process of obtaining a mortgage examination includes the following basic steps, discussed in more detail below. To order a mortgage examination, you must request the questionnaire by email via the the Contact page form, fill it in, and return it to us with your mortgage related documents. We will begin examining your documents, and send your report to your attorney by email within 7-10 business days, depending on scheduling. If you want us to rush the examination and send it to you sooner than 7 business days, let us know in advance. You might have to pay a premium for rush service.

Note that we cannot examine what you do not give us. If we find gaps in your documents and require further information, the examination report will alert you. If you do not send the missing information, we obviously can’t examine it.

Gather together all of your mortgage related documents. If you have more than one mortgage, or mortgages on more than one property, gather all of them separately. Such documents include all of the following, plus any not listed below:

1.  All documents you received at the closing of your mortgage loan
2. Appraisal that was used to fund your loan
3.  Notice of default, substitution of trustee
4.  Correspondence, to include e-mails, between you and the lender, servicer, appraiser, mortgage broker, title company, plaintiff, attorneys
5.  Loan modification, forbearance or short sale attempts
6.  Court cases/bankruptcy filed pleadings, motions, affidavits
Any scams, “forensic/securitization audits,” mortgage elimination schemes, mass joinder lawsuits, etc.

Again, if you have a document that deals with that mortgage transaction, we want a copy of it, because the more you give us, the more of an opportunity we will have to find something to help you.

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